Online Cycling Registration Tutorial

It is month 2 at higherpower CYCLE | YOGA and we are really getting into the swing of things!

Our classes are really starting to fill up and we are excited to be in Mid-city and sharing our yoga and biking experiences with the GNO community.

Over the last month, many have asked us what is the best way to sign-up and register for classes at higherpower. The answer is online at! You are always welcome to drop into any class but to guarantee one of our 30 bikes, we recommend registering for cycling classes online through our website.

In the next two-months, our iPhone and Android aps will be live. In the meantime, here is a step-by-step tutorial on booking a class at

Step 1 - to access the week’s classes, click on the following link:

It should look like this on your computer:

Or, on your mobile phone, the schedule should look like this:

Step 2 - To learn more about a particular class, click on the class name and it will take you to the class description page:

The description page will also show you all available class times, the instructors that teach that particular class, and a link to sign-up for upcoming classes.

Step 3 - On either the class description page or the schedule page, click on the “Sign Up” button for the class you are interested in. If you are not logged onto the site yet, you will see the following:

If you are not a client yet, please complete the form on the right and sign the studio release at the bottom of the page.

If you are already a higherpower client but have forgotten your password, click on “Forgot your password?” and you will be taken to a password reset page that will send you instructions to your email.

Step 4 - Once you are logged into the site, you will see the bike selection image. The bikes that are in grey are unavailable and the bikes in blue are available for reserving.

Click on your desired bike. Important note - on your phone, this page may require you to drag the image to select a bike. We find that if you turn your phone to the side (placing the phone in landscape mode), the bikes are easier to see.

Once you select your bike, you will see the following:

Step 5 - Once you click OK, you will be taken to the confirmation screen. If you do not have any credits for the class, the following page will automatically appear.

Select your desired package and click next. You can also purchase our 5 Cycling & 5 Yoga Multi-Pack by clicking on the BUY NOW button at the top of the page. Please follow the instructions to purchase your desired package or drop-in in our online store. When completed, you will see the following screen:

Step 6 - You are done! You will also receive a confirmation email with your bike assignment and some additional instructions.

We hope this helps. If you have any additional questions about registering and securing your bike or anything else, please email

Or please call us anytime!