Nick Accaro's Training Blog

One of our newest Ambassadors at higherpower is Nick Accaro. You will be learning more about Nick in the coming weeks. Nick is a competitive long-distance runner at the world level. Here is his first training blog.

In teaming up with higherpower CYCLE | YOGA, I'm trying to maintain an elevated heart rate without putting the physical wear and tear on my body that running extended periods of time does.

On Tues: 1/20/15 I did a run/race walk hybrid workout in the early a.m. for 2 hrs. 30 min., mid morning I went to the practice track at Tad Gormley and did 5x400 m with a 200 jog recovery and 10 push ups after each rep in 65,66,68,65,64. Then I headed over to Higher Power NOLA for my first bicycling Buddha class, felt good on the bike and unbelievably tight during the yoga

Wed.1/21/15- A run/race walk hybrid workout in the early a.m. for 2hrs. 30 min., mid morning I went to Power NOLA for Yogalates. I've got a lot to learn as a beginner in both yoga and Pilates. Then I headed out to the "Hill" in City Park off of Harrison Ave. and jogged very slowly up and over that in a loop I've got for an hour.

Thurs. 1/22/15- A run/race walk hybrid for an 1hr and 40 min in the early a.m. then at noon, warm up with 5 x 5 minutes fast with a 4 min break and 10 push ups after each rep and cool down.

Fri 1/23/15 - A run/race walk hybrid workout for and 1hr and 40 min and relaxed the rest of the day

Sat. 1/24/15- My family and I went to the Northshore and I raced and won Forge Racing's Dirty Soles 10k

Sun 1/24/15- As training run for the upcoming 100k National Championships in April, I tried to run the New Orleans Rock & Roll Marathon at goal 100k race pace (6:35 min/mile). That would've come out to a 2:53 marathon. I was all over the place between 6:20 and 6:40. Ended up running right at 2:51. Not perfect but a good lesson in pacing. (7th overall)

Mon 1/25/15- Went for an 1 hr. and 40 min run/race walk hybrid then headed to Higher Power for my first Power Yoga Class, getting a little bit better.