Halloween Tricks for Too Many Treats


Here at higherpower we love Reese's peanut butter cups! Everyone has their favorite kind of Halloween candy but it's easy to overdo the amount of sweets you eat.

Sure your cycling and yoga habits help with the indulgences but here's a few more tips for staying on track while the candy is 'staring you in the face.'

1. Skip the value packs. Limit the amount of candy you bring into the house by avoiding the giant bags of candy sold in stores. 
2. Spend a little more for better quality treats that you can savor. Dark chocolate is a great choice! Remember to look for 60% or greater cacao content. 
3. When a craving hits indulge in fun non-food treats like chocolate flavored lip balm. Our favorite is Burts Bees Blueberry and Dark Chocolate lip balm.