Pricing for 2016 Resolution Challenge

For 2016 Resolution Challenge, we have numerous pricing options:

Resolution Challenge (w/o classes): $130 - click here

Resolution Challenge (unlimited studio classes: $350 - click here

Single Session Massage with Lenaye Todd: $60 - click here

Nutrition Customized Meal Plan with Molly: $150 - click here

Weekly Massage throughout challenge with Lenaye Todd - $350 - click here

Metabolic Testing with Tim Allerton: $80 - click here

Vo2 Testing with Tim Allerton: $175 - click here

Resolution Challenge starts January 10th!!!
Teams of 1, 2, or 3

-Daily Journaling -Body fat measurements
-Weekly Healthy Tips & Recipes
-Nutrition & Running Clinics
-Find Your High Workshop
-Entry to the 504k run
-hp limited edition tank
-Coupons for cycling & running shoes
-Deals on classes
For more details contact