Pre-workout Meals for Higherpower classes

Tips on Fueling Up Before a Higherpower Workout:

Now that you know what not to eat before a workout at higher power, let's focus on some pre-workout meal suggestions to maximize your fitness goals in a Bicycling Buddha, yogalates, or TRX E.P.I.C. class. Because the level and amount of intensity, cardio, and strength vary from Yoga, cycling, and TRX classes, there are a variety of different pre-workout meals for each.

Pre higherpower Yoga class:

1. Any low acidic fruit will help you steer clear of heart burn and boost your energy due to natural sugars so chose one of these options:
     - Pear
     - Apple
     - Banana
     - Watermelon
     - Raisins
     - Palm full of dried apricots

2.  Almonds are another great energizing snack, because they contain potassium, magnesium, and vitamin E which boosts your stamina when you turn up the heat in class.

3.  Oatmeal is another quick burning pre-workout snack that will leave you satisfied until the end of class, but limit this to a half cup serving in order to avoid a belly ache.

4. Greek Yogurt is the perfect protein packed snack that will energize your workout on the mat. However, be sure to avoid this snack if you have trouble digesting dairy products.

Pre higherpower cycle class:

 1. Bananas are a great potassium rich energy source that will help you power through your ride.

 2. Throw together a smoothie before you hit the bike. Grab a blender, add some nutritious leafy greens, a fruit, and protein powder to boost energy and fuel you to the end of your workout.

 3. Egg Whites  are a great pre-workout meal if you have time to throw them together before a class.

4. Dried Fruits are full of healthy natural sugars that give you a boost you need on the bike.

If you're about to kill a strength and cardio workout in our TRX E.P.I.C. Class then these pre-meal are for you:

1. Smoothies (60-90 minutes before) with low fat and sugar, moderate protein, and a high amount of carbs. (Banana, almond milk,berries, and a Small amount of whey protein)

2. Small price of fruit (berries, bananas, dates, Apple)

3. If you have over an hour before you hit the weights, then brown rice and black beans are a great combination of pre-workout fuel.

Another great option is to combine the your fruit with oatmeal or some almond/peanut butter.  

Choosing the right pre-workout meal depends upon your individual body. So even if these options aren't for you, figure out what works best through trial and error. Higherpowernola classes will challenge you and push you to your physical limit, so it is important to prepare your body properly. Smoothies are easy to add super-foods to. Some ideas include: chia seeds, spirulina, coconut oil, goji berries, kale, etc. 
No matter the workout don't forget to hydrate! Water is one of the most important pre-meal necessities.