Staying Hydrated While Living the #SweatLife

This is making me thirsty.
The body is made up of about 60% water but, as you probably can sort out, it doesn’t just stay full - it needs to be replenished. Think about how much you sweat working out. And then think about just regular day-to-day stuff in the Southern Louisiana heat. Making groceries at 5 p.m.? Sounds like you'll be pretty damp by the time your bags are inside. 

At higherpower we offer complimentary filtered water and encourage our guests to bring a water bottle with them to class. So, this begs the question: If just existing depletes hydration, how much water do you really need to drink to stay on top of your game?

When you workout, it is essential to stay hydrated. You’ve probably seen a few of those people getting swole at the gym with a gallon of water by their side. No need for that; a traditional water bottle will do just fine. (We sell them at both studios!)

The “authorities” recommend the 8x8 rule, mostly because it is easy to remember and it amounts to plenty for an average person to consume daily to stay healthy and improve body functions.

The 8x8 rule is simple: Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. This number is often disputed and touted as a myth but if you use it as a goal, you can get a feel for where you are when it comes to staying hydrated.
Besides, water is delicious.

Hydration is also a component in performance. Muscle tissue is made up of approximately 75% water, and water loss leads to increased muscle fatigue. Water also regulates the body’s temperature so a drop in water means an increase in body temperature. At higherpower we are all about staying hydrated. Listen to your body and keep an ear out for reminders from our awesome instructors to take a few sips mid sweat-sesh.

In case you need more reasons (did we mention how delicious water is?) to stay hydrated, drinking plenty of water is also linked to healthier skin, faster metabolism and may aid in weight loss. For more bad-ass reasons to stay hydrated, check out Benefits of Drinking Water on