What Shapes You

We all have our own stories about what we've come from and what we're going to.

These stories shape daily priority – how we work, what we eat, when we sleep – and we repeat them.

As we muscle through the hubris of corporate life (or the freelance hustle,) and navigate the politics that have been consuming every inch of 2016, we create unhealthy routines that take from our mind & bodies with no maturing return.

I had an idea of what my priorities were and what happiness looked like as I placed myself in a daily repetitive rotation – this mix of importance and bliss shaped the things I felt were benchmarks of success – these benchmarks then justified my lack of attentiveness to what was genuinely impactful in my life. Success for me was in the form of multiple income checks, it was giving material things in place of my presence and it was being everywhere but nowhere at the same time. I felt like these were universal ingredients to achievement for all the folks nearing or surpassing 30-something, which further warranted what I set my mind on day in and day out. I had no idea this was static I was creating within myself resisting the nuances of what happiness actually can look like on an individual level.

As I continued to repeat my personal priority routine, I lost people, direction, and unhealthy weight. I hit bottom and I hit bottom hard. I scraped through the days as a shell, with absolutely no grasp on what 30 year old delight could mean.

And then I found higherpower - and higherpower found me

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BALANCE                                                                            STRENGTH

I reshaped my intentions in cycle. I manifested thought into movement in yoga. I released frustrations in TRX.

I found common ground in higherpower’s safe spaces with women and men that were okay with openly figuring out what works, and doesn’t work for them.

After four 4 months of communing and being held accountable by instructors and fellow higherpower warriors - challenging my mind and body through fitness – I feel as though I’ve resurfaced as my whole self, in the best shape mentally and physically I’ve ever been.

My priorities have shifted, my purpose and intentions redefined and what creates my happiness is now different.

Self care is the staple of my daily movement, in hopes that I am tapping into my best self -- creating a better me for the people around me and the work I create.

As social media voyeurism creates comparative parallels between personal priorities and happiness, it’s important to identify avenues that connect mind and body to the daily mix.

For me, it’s adding a release mentally and physically into my routine and reminding myself -
Happiness looks different on you.

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Eileen Mitchell
Eileen Mitchell
You have given yourself the most amazing gift to yourself-YOU! I've had many people feel they should have control of what I work on and when it didn't happen talk squeezes out. That is why my circle is very small Val, Debi and Naomi give me space, breath and truth. Most importantly I find with exercise the demons sweat off of me. You have taught me very valuable lesson. Love you more each and everyday.
Eileen Braxton
Eileen Braxton
I am so in awe of your words and you body. So define in both aspects. You make me want to be better!!!